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"one size fits all"

For just $14.99/month you get:

free domain registration
 website setup
unlimited data and site traffic
10 gigabytes storage
5 SMTP/pop email addresses
email forwarding options
secure FTP access

MONTHLY PAYMENT OPTIONS: Monthly fees shown here are for accounts which are paid via invoice one year in advance. We can also arrange quarterly or monthly statement billing as an alternative to paying one year in advance for the budget minded. Additional service fees may apply. We like to invoice you once annually to keep things simple.

BILLING & LATE FEES: All accounts are initially billed for one full year payment in advance. However, you can arrange to make payments monthly, quarterly, or once annually. Payment must be received by due date on invoice or a penalty of $5.00 will be charged per week that payment is delinquent. Service may also be discontinued until payment is received.
ADDITIONAL EMAIL ADDRESSES: 5 email addresses are included with the package. Let us know if you need more.

An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) account along with an HTML editor allows you to regularly edit pages, upload changes, and generally maintain your own website as you wish. A web page editor is used to make the changes, and FTP software sends your updated information to our server. All FTP users will need software to maintain local file backups, edit web pages, and upload files via FTP. Call and ask for "greenfired client services" for open source community software recommendations. Free and easy to use HTML editing and FTP upload software is readily available. Secured FTP access is included with this package. GreenFired assists with free initial setup of the FTP account, and will provide you with a user name and password. GreenFired offers HTML and FTP software training at reasonable rates.

If you already own a domain, you can "point" it to our servers at no charge. If you register a new domain with us, after we register your domain, you are then the sole owner of that domain, and are responsible for the renewal fees after the initial 1 year registration expires. However, we will always automatically renew the domain for you, and then invoice you. We will always keep it "locked" so that you do not run the risk of ever losing your domain name to someone else.